02 June 2009


We have spent the day in Zurich and are pooped! Last night's flight was long and cramped. I sat next to a woman whose hip spilled under the armrest and her arm spilled over the armrest and snored! I got no sleep and am exhausted. I spent hours researching public showers in Zurich, and it payed off. I bet that shower will be the best 10 francs I spend on this trip. It was quite nice. We felt ready to take on the town, it just took us 20 minutes to figure out how to exit the airport (poor signage). That feeling lasted for about 45 minutes when jet lag hit us and hit us hard.
We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day here, sunny and 70. We hit the streets, and by streets I mean chocolate shops. I did like Jen said and ate my way through Zurich. After I rid my mind of sour, curdled milk, I tasted a Rivella, and must say it was quite tasty. I am running out of time...will post again soon. We walked down the very expensive Bahnhofstrasse to find our way to the Fraumunster church. What was so spectacular about this old church was that Chagall created the stained-glass windows. We were able to eaves drop on a tour and really learned a lot about the design. We then went to Grossmunster church. It was the first church in Zurich completed in the year 1200. The real treat was the view from atop its dome. It was such a quaint city with the Swiss, old-world architecture.
Cape Town here we come...

HIGHLIGHT: Walking up the few hundred rickety wooden stairs to the top of the dome/bell tower that provided a beautiful view of Zurich.


  1. Glad you two made it there! I have been worried and praying for you all. Showers are a MUST and would pay $100 to was my butt. :)

    Have fun and look forward to seeing whats next.


  2. I am so excited for y'all!! Glad to hear you are under way! Can't wait for the next update!

  3. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! What a way to start a trip!
    Mom C

  4. Glad you enjoyed the Rivella and the chocolate!! Good travels!

  5. Anxiously awaiting the pix...scooter says hi.
    She was worried you guys would be sold into slavery.

  6. We were in Reims, France last year and toured their cathedral. Chagall had done some of their stained glass windows. They were definitely more modern-looking but really beautiful. It was interested because he was Jewish and had made stained glass for several Catholic churches. I've never been to Zurich but it sounds like that along with chocolate is the perfect start to your adventure! Good luck!