02 June 2009

And we`re off!

We made it to Chicago, to New York, and finally to Zurich... now on to Johannesburg and then Cape Town! This travelling for three days straight is really tough! But it proved to be worth it today. Zurich is beautiful! It is such an old city with so much culture and excitement. There were hundreds of people walking around today on the streets shopping and hanging out at cafe´s. It was my first time being in a city that I did not speak the language so that proved to be tough (Clint I thought about you), but everyone was really nice. I hope it goes equally as well or better on the forgotten continent. I have to run but I love you guys and miss you bunches already!!


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  1. I am so happy to hear that you are half way through the travel part of your trip. I know that shower had to have felt wonderful. It sounds like you are tired but having a great time. Thanks for letting us know that you had arrived safely. Can't wait to hear more.

    We love you and miss you.

    Mom Harris