04 June 2009

Cheesecake for everyone!

Well, I figure Robin gave you most of the low down on the township tour, so I'm just going to tell you what I thought. It was amazing! I have never seen poverty like that before. The people are so friendly and want to share their experiences, but it is so hard not notice what they are living in all around them. The medicine man was my favorite part of the day too. You read about this stuff in stories and see it on movies but until you actually walk into one of these places you have no idea! At first you think this can't be real, but then he starts talking and answering questions...Wow is all I can say!

We just got back from dinner at a local health food market, we wanted something a little lighter for dinner. Racheal...I just had the best cheese cake ever! I thought about you while I was enjoying the double slice that only cost like 2 dollars. (how crazy is that!!) Now on to the wine tour tomorrow. Mom...don't freak out we had to switch the shark dive to next Tuesday due to weather so tomorrow is just the wine tour.

Love you guys!


  1. It certainly sounds like your trip to the townships was really amazing. I cannot wait to hear more of your adventures. The wine tour tomorrow is more of my speed. Tell Robin, her pictures of Zurich are beautiful. Ronnie was so thoughtful to call this morning and let us know that he had talked with you.
    Be safe. We love and miss you terribly.

    MOM Harris

  2. Hey Girls! Love the pictures. Can't wait to hear the stories that go along with them. What a trip.... chocolate, cheesecake and wine. I think I would fit in fine! Poe says 'Meow, help'. Clooney discovered her this morning! Take care, you adventure driven pair!
    Mom C

  3. Cheesecake is always good, but the question is: did you eat only the crust?!!