09 June 2009

JAWS is totally real!

We are finally back to Cape Town from the shark dive. A two and a half hour car ride with some not very nice Russian tourists got us to the Great White Project on the southern end of South Africa (so a little bit further west). The long car ride and like I said rude tourists didn't matter at all the shark adventure was so cool! I think we saw 12 different Great Whites but they all kept making passes by the boat and the cage. They were about 3 meters long with teeth that seemed to never end. The water was ice cold and the wet suits were way to big for either one of us so the icy water kept getting in, but it didn't matter I didn't feel it until I got out and back on the boat. At one point there were three huge sharks circling the boat totally a "Jaws"moment. Anyway, we are both fine and here with all of our hands, arms, legs, feet, etc. so Mom rest easy.

See you guys very soon!


  1. Yeah! I am happy you went on the shark dive. I am also happy it is over and you girls are safe. It sounds like this experience might have been a bit more risky than the one you and Dad experienced in Disney World.

    Your next adventure will be the journey home and reliving your experiences through sharing it with us. We can't wait.

    MOM Harris

  2. the sharks dont waste their time on snacks. but get a great big fat person in the cage and...........