06 June 2009

My new hero

Well, the locals were right, the sun does shine on Saturday. It was a perfect autumn day, crisp weather and lots of sunshine. We did have to shuffle our day. Our morning began with a tour of Robben Island. Annie and I weren't sure we were going to survive the 30min. ferry ride to the island. The swells were very big. No ride at Six Flags can make your stomach flip like this ferry ride...I think I may have turned a little green.
The island's existence has been around for hundreds of years. First as a place for the mentally ill and lepers. During the beginning of apartheid, it became a political prison from blacks and colored whose influence threatened the government. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned here for the first 18 years (he spent the remaining 11 at two other prisons). Despite the cruelty and inhumanities he suffered, he continued to fight for the human rights of his fellow South Africans. He adopted his methods from great man that influenced him...Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His ideas of peace, equality, and forgiveness helped create the resilient South African spirit. My new hero...
Our hike up Table Mountain was cancelled. Although the day was perfect, clouds have a tendency to hover at the top of the mountain creating dangerous conditions for hikers. We settled for the cable car instead. As we ascended to the top we were literally lost in the clouds. The view of the city and the bay, though, are spectacular. Though we were disappointed, time was freed to visit the Waterfront. We took advantage of the day and had lunch outside while listening to live, traditional African music played by street performers.
We are resting a bit before we meet Stephen for dinner...traditional South African food. It will be an early evening because we head out for our safari bright and early.

HIGHLIGHT: Our tour was conducted by former prisoners of Robben Island. I admire their ability to return in order to share their experiences to open minds and prevent such things from happening again.


  1. Robin, Mandela is one of my heros! Have a pic of him in my class. I have read several book about him and I am always amazed. Glad you are loving SA...wished I was there.


  2. Hey there! I am so sorry for not commenting, but I have been reading everyday. This trip sounds like so much fun! I would have loved to have seen the Medicine Man. I am really looking forward to your safari and your shark trip! Keep blogging, it's helping me escape from work!
    Love ya

  3. How foolishly we put the title of 'Hero' on so many people in sports and entertainment. Mandela is a true HERO. May you girls instill in your students and (future children!) the stories of true heroes. There are many out there - great and small.
    Love, Mom C