08 June 2009

Catching up on blogs

So I realized I have not been blogging a lot and when I do blog it is pretty short. The truth is I'm exhausted when we get to the hotel from all the adventures during the day. It is so interesting, and my mind is going 90 to nothin when we get to the hotel I have a very hard time putting it into words. However, with only one day left I'm going to vow to do better.

I need to add something about the wine tour, Dad, you would have loved it. The scenery looked just like the mountains of East TN. I also hope you made it back to move Meredith, because I'm not when I get to TN.

Dinner with Stephen was interesting! For those of you that don't know I am very adventurous about some things but not food. However, I did eat crocodile, I tried the ostrich, and the Kudu. They were all VERY gamey, but I stepped outside the box on that one for sure. We had a great time hanging out with Stephen and his girlfriend Sara. They were super nice to take us out and fill us in on what is ok and what is not.

The Safari! Lalibela is amazing! So far it has been my favorite part of the trip. The Tree Tops lodge put our hotel in Cape Town to shame big time. I can't say enough about the food....AMAZING! It was all pretty westernized so I ate up. The rides were chilly but fun and we spotted several different animals. We met some interesting people to say the least. More stories to come on them at home. We also figured out that even if you are allowed to board the plane that does not mean you will report directly to the run way. We sat for over an hour in park after we boarded for Port Elizabeth on Sunday. We all know my patience is so wonderful so it did not bother me in the least little bit...yeah right! But I did get a really good and much needed nap in during that time.

Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for...the SHARK DIVE! Somebody needs to get up early and start the margarita machine for Mom, so she won't worry too much. We get to sleep in until about 9:15 so by our calculations we should be in the water at about lunch time here. We will blog as soon as we get back so you know we are not fish food.

Love you all and miss you tons!


  1. The game reserve sounds fabulous- that is my kind of camping out (rugged chic). The margarita machine is primed and ready to go tomorrow for the shark dive. However, I think you may be back at the hotel before I can finish a mimosa in the morning. Be safe, have fun, and again be safe.

    We love you and can't wait to see you on Thursday.

    MOM Harris

    P.S. You successfully missed out on moving day for Meredith.

  2. regarding robin's comment on the baboons.....i'm just an old country boy but i thought the saying was red a_ _ baboons?????need confirmation.

  3. Jack it is actually BRIGHT blue testicles.