05 June 2009

Pass the Wine

So we just got back from our wine tour. It was breath taking scenery, delicious wine, and a wonderful car picnic. It was raining...of course! And cold but that didn't stop us. We went to three different areas and had three different tastings. We knew we were in trouble when at the first stop the lady told us we each get to select five to try and then when she started pouring...they were FULL glasses. After the first place we were already giggling and goofy then on to the second where we decided we must eat lunch before the third. We did sit in the car (again because it was raining) and ate a picnic lunch in front of a Nelson Mandela statue in front of the prison he was released from. So yes, we ate lunch in front of a still active prision. Who else can say that?!!

That's it for me I'm off to drink some water, take some tylenol, and rest up for tomorrow's hike up the mountain (everyone pray for sunshine)

As always love you tons and miss you bunches!



  1. It sounds like you are having a great time despite the weather. The forecast for CP shows a few showers tomorrow morning then clearing and no rain in the forecast for the next week. Tomorrow is Meredith's moving day- you will be missing out on all the fun. Have a great hike tomorrow and take lots of picures.
    We love you and miss you.

    MOM Harris

  2. Hey there! What a great sounding trip! I'm sure it is like none other. I hope all goes well with the weather. It has been fun tracking you. I love the music too! Be careful, Vivian